The Mac. AKA the Apple Mac has been around in one form or another for almost 40 years. The first Mac, called the Macintosh 128K, launched on January 22, 1984. Between now and then, Apple’s Mac line of computers has gone on to shape and revolutionize the world of personal computers. 

Nowadays, Apple is focused on its MacBook, iMac, and Mac mini lineup, as well as its more potent Mac Pro machines. Apple also makes one of the best – and most expensive – monitors on the market in the form of its Pro Display XDR

If you’re interested in learning more about Mac, here’s all the latest news, leaks, and user guides for Apple’s Mac computers – including detailed guides and buying advice for Apple’s new M1 Mac computers. 

Latest Mac News & User Guides


Apple’s 2021 MacBook Pro Has Headphone Jack, Card Reader & MagSafe…

Apple’s new MacBook Pro for 2021 features the company’s new M1 silicon – either the M1 Max or M1 Pro – and all the ports you thought had gone extinct on Apple’s MacBook line of computers…


The 8 Best Monitors For Mac Mini: Budget, Gaming & High-End

The new M1 Mac Mini is a fantastic computer with tons of power but you will need a monitor to run one. But what is the best monitor for the Mac Mini?


Apple’s Mail App In Big Sur No Longer Sucks

For the longest time, Apple’s Mail for macOS sucked. But with Big Sur, things have improved massively…


I’m Buying An M1 Mac Mini – Here’s Why…

Should you buy an M1 Mac mini? I’ve been debating this question for the best part of nine months. And earlier this week, I finally decided to buy one. Here’s why…


The Real Reason You Mac is Slow (And How To Fix It)

If you’ve been running a Mac for more than a few years, chances are it has slowed down a bit. The good news is you can quickly fix this – here’s how…


How To Install Garmin Express on Mac – The Ultimate Guide

Garmin Express is an essential tool for maintaining your Garmin watch. It syncs with Garmin Connect, checks for updates, syncs data. Here’s how you download it on Mac


The New M1 iMac: Everything You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about Apple's new M1 iMac – including specs, new updates, configurations, and its I/O – before you decide to buy one...


Best Webcam For iMac: Because You Can Do A LOT Better…

Apple’s iMac webcam sucks. You can do better. Especially if you go with one of our top-rated, best webcams for iMac! They're all awesome...


Apple M1 iMac Colors – What’s The Best Hue?

Apple’s new M1-powered iMac is official. But which of the new M1 iMac colors is best? Let’s take a look at your options…


Should You Buy An Old MacBook? PROS & CONS…

Old MacBooks are cheaper than new ones – especially if you buy refurbished ones. But is it worthwhile? Or are you better off taking the hit for a new one?


Best iMac Stands Money Can Buy: My #1 Picks For 2021…

If you’re rocking an iMac and you’re looking for an awesome iMac stand, you’re in the right place – these are my #1 picks for the best iMac stands in 2021...


MacBook Screen Sizes: What’s The Best Option For You?

Apple makes a range of MacBooks, including its new M1-powered ones. But when it comes to MacBook screen sizes, what are you options? Here’s how they all compare…


Is A Refurbished MacBook Worth It? My Experience…

MacBooks and iMacs are expensive. If you get a refurbished model, you could save 40%. But is a refurbished MacBook worth it? Here's what happened when I got one


Why You Should (And Shouldn’t) Buy A New ARM-based M1 Mac

The M1 Mac is here. The new Macs with ARM-based chips mark a monunental shift for Apple. But should you buy one?


First ARM-Powered Macs COMING In 2020: Here’s The PROS & CONS…

Apple is now developing its own custom ARM chips for use inside MacBooks and, make no mistake, this is a really, really big deal – and not just for Intel…


ARM-Based M1 Macs: New MacBooks & The Mac Mini RETURNS…

Apple just intrroduced its first ARM-base Macs. The new M1 CPU now powers the MacBook Air, the 13in MacBook Pro, and the Mac mini.

Types of Mac 

Apple now makes a range of Mac computers and they’re all slightly different. You have desktop computers and laptop computers, and different configurations of each for different types of users – from casual users to professional creatives. 

Here’s a complete breakdown of all of Apple’s current Mac computers: 

MacBook – The MacBook is Apple’s most popular laptop computer. It’s not as powerful as the MacBook Pro and is designed for casual and professional users alike, however, those that need more RAM and processing power should look to the MacBook Pro. The MacBook is Apple’s everyman’s computer, meaning it is suitable for all – but not optimal for heavy workloads and intensive apps and software. 

MacBook Pro – The MacBook Pro is Apple’s premier laptop. It is designed for professional users and is used by all kinds of people from all different disciplines; from photographers to graphic designers to web developers and bloggers, everybody knows and loves the MacBook Pro. It is essentially an industry standard these days. 

Mac Mini – The Mac mini has been around in one form or another for years. It is a standalone desktop computer that does not ship with a monitor, keyboard, or mouse – you have to buy these separately. Or use your current ones. Either way, the Mac mini is a popular choice for a couple of reasons: 1) it is the cheapest Mac computer on the market, and 2) with its new M1 chip, it is exceedingly powerful and it comes with better I/O than both the MacBook Pro and the iMac (2020).

iMac – The iMac comes in two flavors; you have the new M1-powered iMac, which is designed as a home/family computer. It is colorful, packed with great specs and hardware, and has a brand new design. Apple also sells an Intel-powered 27in iMac, though this model will be replaced by a new M1-powered iMac Pro in 2022. 

MacBook Air – The MacBook Air is the thinnest and lightest Mac. Apple has been making its MacBook Air laptops for years now, and its latest is one of the lightest and most potent laptops on the market. Ideal for anyone that travels a lot, the MacBook Air fits anywhere and is perfectly suited to working on the road or remotely. 

And if you think MacBooks and iMacs are too expensive, check out our guide on how to get a sweet deal on a refurbished MacBook and/or iMac – you could save upwards of 40%

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