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Why Christmas is Shortened To Xmas (The Real Reason)

Christmas comes but once a year and most people, especially when writing, shorten it to Xmas. But why is Christmas shortened to Xmas? What’s the deal with that? Let’s find out…


What Does IYKYK Mean? Definition + How To Use It

In a sea of internet slang, things can get confusing quickly. Today we’re going to be looking at the IYKYK to find out what IYKYK means and how you use it correctly


What Does Yeet Mean & How To Use It Correctly

What does yeet mean? How do you use it properly? And, more importantly, where the hell did it come from? Let’s find out…


Fortnite Slang And Terms Explained

Whos Matt? Why is he low and what does Harry Potter have to do with it? We’ll explain all the common Fortnite terms so that you don’t find yourself choking your comms.


What Does “NSFW” Mean On Reddit? A Quick Definition…

What does NSFW mean on Reddit? Here's a quick guide on what it means and how it works – plus the types of content that usually tagged NSFW...


What Does IIRC Mean & How Do You Use It Correctly?

If you’ve seen the initialism “IIRC” being used online and in text messages and IM chats and are wondering what it means, here’s a quick definition plus tips of how to use it correctly…


What Does “SMH” Actually Mean? A Definition + How To Use It

What the hell does “SMH” mean? Here’s a quick definition of the popular internal abbreviation, plus tips on how and when to use it...


The 19 “Most-Used” Reddit Slang Terms & Acronyms EXPLAINED

New to Reddit? Confused by the lingo? Here’s a helpful guide that’ll help you understand all the most popular Reddit slang and acronyms


What Does “XOXO” Mean? Definition & How To Use It

A quick and simple definition of XOXO – what it means, why it is used, and how to use it in text messages…


Faces Emoji Meaning Guide: What They All Mean (EXPLAINED)

This Emoji meaning guide will show you emoji meaning to communicate your feelings and emotions in the right way...We use emojis in our daily

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