Should You Buy A Pixel Phone? A “PROS & CONS” Guide…

If you use Android and want the best software support possible, a Pixel phone could just be what the doctor ordered. But should you buy a Pixel phone over, say, something from Samsung or OnePlus? Let’s investigate… Google’s Pixel phone has been through numerous iterations now. It took The Big G a while to find […]

Is NordVPN Worth It? My 2 Cents (After 2+ Years of Use)

I’ve been using NordVPN since late-2017. During this time, I’ve tested a bunch of other VPNs. But I always come back to NordVPN. And the reason? Read on to find out… The #1 reason I have stayed with NordVPN is speed. NordVPN is incredibly fast, thanks to its 6000+ servers all over the world. This […]

iOS 15: All The Best New Features Coming To The iPhone

iOS 15 is PACKED with amazing new features. Here’s everything you need to know. Apple has unveiled the next generation of the iPhone’s operating system – iOS 15. Given the sheer volume of new features coming to iOS 15, it’s the biggest iOS update in years. Everything from FaceTime to Maps to Weather to Siri is […]

Plum App Review: AI-Driven Bill Saving, Money Management on Your Phone

Plum is an AI-powered app for Android and iPhone that will help you save on bills, set cash aside, and invest money 24/7 without you having to do anything… What if you could set money aside, save on bills, and invest money on a weekly basis without having to do anything? If you’re new to […]

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The iPhone 14 Will “Change” How FACE ID Works

Apple’s iPhone 14 is now in the latter stages of its development ahead of a Q4 2022 release date. And one of its biggest changes will relate to FACE ID… If you don’t like the notch on your iPhone – a thing that has been present since the iPhone X – then the iPhone 14 might just […]

Does The OnePlus 9 Pro have Wireless Charging?

The OnePlus 9 Pro is a fantastic smartphone that sits well between the high-end and low-cost devices. Is one of its numerous features wireless charging? There hasn’t been anything quite like it from OnePlus before, and that’s because it’s the pinnacle of everything they’ve worked on in recent times. All the first-class features you’d expect […]

Can PayPal Be Used Internationally?

PayPal is an excellent tool for making secure online payments or sending money to family and friends – but what if those businesses or acquaintances are based abroad? There aren’t many people out there that don’t have a PayPal account and even those that don’t at least know what it is. But, just to be […]

Does Google Docs Have A Word Count?

Whether it’s for work, university or school, it’s often important to know how many words we’ve written in a document. Does Google Docs have a built-in word counter? Let’s investigate… Even when word count isn’t necessarily important, I often find myself having a little peek at how long my articles are. It helps me measure […]

How The PS5 Stand Works - In Whichever Way You Prefer

Whether you got a new PS5 for Christmas or you decided to treat yourself after another year of hard work, you might be wondering how the PS5 Stand works. Here’s how you can use it… The PlayStation 5 has a striking appearance, but there’s more to this console’s design than its massive polar-white fins. In […]

Does The Moto G Power Have Wireless Charging?

Thinking of breaking the norm and drifting away from Apple or Samsung? Let’s see if the Moto G Power offers wireless charging like the aforementioned industry big players… The Moto G Power (2021) is a budget-friendly smartphone with respectable performance, a decently sized screen, and enough battery life to last three days without charging. It […]

Should I Leave My PS5 In Rest Mode?

What is PlayStation 5’s ‘Rest Mode’ and when should it be used? Let’s find out when it is and is not safe to leave your PS5 in this mode. There are three power settings on your PS5 console: On, Rest Mode, and Off. The On and Off modes are quite self-explanatory. When it comes to […]

Should My PS5 Be Making A Noise?

For a large portion of its users, the PS4 was a particularly loud console. Is the PS5 the same or can the cats relax now? Released in November 2020, the PlayStation 5, as we’d have expected, is one of the most powerful and comprehensive consoles we’ve ever seen. The device is still rebounding from a […]

How PS5 Remote Play Works - A Short Guide

The Remote Play option on the PS5 is a great way to operate it without having to be beside it. Let’s check out how it works… When Sony announced that the PS5 will feature an improved version of the PS4‘s Remote Play software, fans were over the moon. The PS5 Remote Play app allows you […]

Does The PS5 Support 4K Blu-Ray?

Unlike the PS4 and its inability to accommodate 4K UHD Blu-Rays, has the PS5 taken a step in the right direction with support for this functionality? When it was released in 2016, three years after the debut of the PS4, the PS4 Pro was almost seen as the next generation in the console’s progression. It […]

Does The PS5 Support PS3 Games?

If you never got round to upgrading to the PS4 but the PS5 looks a bit more tempting, you’ll probably be wanting to know whether or not you can continue playing your PS3 games… When the PlayStation 3 was released in 2006, it was amongst the generation of consoles alongside the Xbox 360 that offered […]

Can I Play PS4 Games On PS5?

Thinking about treating yourself to a nice new PS5 but concerned that you won’t be able to play the PS4 games you’ve already spent so much money on? We’ll clear things up for you… Regardless of the fact that the PS5 was officially released just over a year ago, many gamers are still struggling to […]

Are PS5 Controllers Compatible With PC?

If you’ve managed to get hold of a shiny new PS5 console but still intend to play particular games on your PC instead, you might be interested to know whether or not you can use your new DualSense PS5 controller… When the PS5 was first released, it was pretty difficult to get hold of one […]

Are PS5 Controllers Compatible With The PS4?

There are several reasons why you may be wondering if your PS5 controller will work on your PS4 and we’re here to provide you with answers. The DualSense Controller for the PlayStation 5 is a popular controller among those who have managed to get their hands on the limited-edition system. While reports of joystick drift […]

Why Christmas is Shortened To Xmas (The Real Reason)

Christmas comes but once a year and most people, especially when writing, shorten it to Xmas. But why is Christmas shortened to Xmas? What’s the deal with that? Let’s find out… It’s that time of year again. Things are winding down, you’re spending way more time than you’d like browsing Amazon looking for gifts. And […]

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